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Rules & Regulations

ADVERTISING – No person or persons will be permitted to distribute advertising matter on the grounds except from their place of business or exhibit. The distribution of bills, cards, flyers, etc, or the posting of any advertisements except from said place is a clear violation of this rule and will make the violator liable to expulsion from the fairgrounds and possible denial of participation in further fairs.

JURIED EXHIBITS – Exhibits must be removed by the Monday after the Fair by 5:00 PM. Any items not removed by this time will become the sole property of the Fair, unless prior arrangements are made with the Fair Management. The Fair reserves the right to dispose of such property in any matter it may deem in the best interest of the Fair.

PETS – No pets will be allowed on the fairgrounds except dogs that are specially trained to provide a particular service as defined by ADA.

FOOD AND BEVERAGE – No ice chests, shade umbrellas, or large containers will be allowed on the fairgrounds.

BEER & ALCOHOL – All beer and alcohol will be sold in the “Beer Garden” only. Age identification may be required before entering the beer garden. Any person obviously intoxicated, will be removed from the fairgrounds without a refund of admission. All Alcohol sales will be closed at 9:00 PM each night and at 7:00 PM on Sunday.

FAIR MANANGEMENT OFFICE – The Fair Management has an office at the Clark County Fairgrounds in Logandale. During the week of the fair the hours will be from 8 AM to 11 PM each day. Call (702 398-3247) for general information.

GUEST SERVICES – Guest Service will be located at the front entrance.  If you have lost your parent or a personal belonging, please check in with Guest Services and they will provide assistance.

FACILITIES – Facilities available locally include motels, RV parks, resorts, campgrounds, gas stations, food and supply stores and parks with picnic areas. Strollers and wheelchairs will be available for rent at Guest Services on the fairgrounds. For your banking needs, the Bank of America operates a 24-hour ATM on the Fairgrounds. Emergency health care is also available (clinic, pharmacy, ambulance).

SECURITY GUARDS – There will be security guards circulating throughout the fairgrounds during public hours. Security will also be provided to protect exhibits and entries for 24 hours a day during the fair days.

DISCOUNT ADMISSIONS – The Clark County Fair is always looking for willing volunteers. As our way of saying “Thanks”, discount and complimentary passes will be given based on the current “Volunteer Pass Policy”. For more information about volunteering, call the office at (702) 398-3247.

CARNIVAL – We encourage you to look up various height restrictions that are listed on the Carnival website You may NOT ride the Carnival rides if you are pregnant or have a cast on.

The Clark County Fair Board reserves the final and absolute right to interpret these rules and regulations and to determine all matters, questions and differences arising out of or incident to the fair. Every effort has been made to avoid typographical errors, but the fair management will decide all disputes arising out of any confusion.