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Mutton Bustin

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Mutton Bustin is one of the Fair’s most popular events! It’s Rodeo competition for youngsters ages 4-7 years old riding sheep out of a real Rodeo Bucking Chute! Anything goes, and usually does, as contestants hold on for as long as they can trying to win that Gold Buckle and be crowned the Champion Wool Rider!

Contestants must be at least 4 years of age and not older than 7 years of age and weigh 60 pounds or less on the day of the event. Long pants, long sleeve shirt and sturdy closed toe shoes are required. Helmets & vests will be supplied and riders will be required to wear them. The Contestant and only one (1) adult will be allowed in chute area.

Applications will be processed and accepted in the order in which they are received. It is mandatory that on the day of your performance that the contestant and parent/guardian check in 45 minutes prior to riding time. Late arrivals will forfeit their spot and not be allowed to compete. This time is required to prepare the contestant to compete. An entry fee of $20 will be charged to each contestant and will be collected at sign in. Due to the popularity of this event contestants can only be selected for one performance

Daily Lineups

Mutton Bustin Wednesday Schedule

12-Apr3:00 PMLuke KowitzLogandale, NVQualifying
12-Apr3:00 PMKolt FetherstonOverton, NVQualifying
12-Apr3:00 PMThomas StatonOverton, NVQualifying
12-Apr3:00 PMTyler NashBoulder City, NVQualifying
12-Apr3:00 PMHunter WinwardLogandale, NVQualifying
12-Apr3:00 PMKarter WaiteLogandale, NVQualifying
12-Apr3:00 PMLogan VogelLas Vegas, NVQualifying
12-Apr3:00 PMJimmy WadhamsLas Vegas, NVQualifying
12-Apr3:00 PMMack GilleoOverton, NVQualifying
12-Apr3:00 PMColton LuffLogandale, NVQualifying
12-Apr3:00 PMBraxton LuffLogandale, NVQualifying
12-Apr3:00 PMRemi RobisonOverton, NVQualifying
12-Apr3:00 PMOakley WittwerLogandale, NVQualifying
12-Apr3:00 PMOlen EberlingLogandale, NVQualifying
12-Apr3:00 PMSaralynn EberlingLogandale, NVQualifying
12-Apr3:00 PMEzra BunkerLogandale, NVQualifying
12-Apr5:00 PMKolt FetherstonOverton, NVChampionship
12-Apr5:00 PMOlen EberlingLogandale, NVChampionship
12-Apr5:00 PMMack GilleoOverton, NVChampionship
12-Apr5:00 PMEzra BunkerLogandale, NVChampionship
12-Apr5:00 PM*Hunter Winward*Logandale, NVChampionship

Wednesday Champion:

Hunter Winward

Mutton Bustin Thursday Schedule

13-Apr3:00 PMJace JonesLogandale, NVQualifying
13-Apr3:00 PMTrentyn AllisonLas Vegas, NVQualifying
13-Apr3:00 PMSadie TerrilLogandale, NVQualifying
13-Apr3:00 PMAddison VargaLas Vegas, NVQualifying
13-Apr3:00 PMCayson WhiteN Las Vegas, NVQualifying
13-Apr3:00 PMMarty BunkerLogandale, NVQualifying
13-Apr3:00 PMDiesel AdamsLogandale, NVQualifying
13-Apr3:00 PMRidge HughesAlamo, NVQualifying
13-Apr3:00 PMLuke SheldonLogandale, NVQualifying
13-Apr3:00 PMMason BaileyLogandale, NVQualifying
13-Apr3:00 PMJayce BaileyLogandale, NVQualifying
13-Apr3:00 PMHarvey JohnsonWestminster, COQualifying
13-Apr3:00 PMMaier JohnsonWestminster, COQualifying
13-Apr3:00 PMFinnegan JacobsHenderson, NVQualifying
13-Apr3:00 PMRhett JorgeensenLas Vegas, NVQualifying
13-Apr3:00 PMDanson DalleyLogandale, NVQualifying
13-Apr3:00 PMCruz TottenLogandale, NVQualifying
13-Apr5:00 PMSadie TerrilLogandale, NVChampionship
13-Apr5:00 PMMason BaileyLogandale, NVChampionship
13-Apr5:00 PMDanson DalleyLogandale, NVChampionship
13-Apr5:00 PMCruz TottenLogandale, NVChampionship
13-Apr5:00 PM*Luke Sheldon*Logandale, NVChampionship

Thursday Champion:

Luke Sheldon

Mutton Bustin Friday Schedule

14-Apr1:00 PMHazel LagorCold Creek, NVQualifying
14-Apr1:00 PMRhen WaldroupLogandale, NVQualifying
14-Apr1:00 PMLuke SmithPahrump, NVQualifying
14-Apr1:00 PMWillow Sage LagorCold Creek, NVQualifying
14-Apr1:00 PMWestley LoyaLas Vegas, NVQualifying
14-Apr1:00 PMTygg RobinsonLogandale, NVQualifying
14-Apr1:00 PMDestry WoodsLogandale, NVQualifying
14-Apr1:00 PMBeau WadeAlamo, NVQualifying
14-Apr1:00 PMBeckett MatteLogandale, NVQualifying
14-Apr1:00 PMTitan LeavittAlamo, NVQualifying
14-Apr1:00 PMRiver MullinerAlamo, NVQualifying
14-Apr1:00 PMJaymen WadeAlamo, NVQualifying
14-Apr1:00 PMRicky OttoLas Vegas, NVQualifying
14-Apr1:00 PMTinley WaiteLogandale, NVQualifying
14-Apr1:00 PMBrynnlee WaiteLogandale, NVQualifying
14-Apr3:00 PMMemphis AdamsLogandale, NVQualifying
14-Apr3:00 PMAdalynn FikriBoulder City, NVQualifying
14-Apr3:00 PMAdelaide BrandonOverton, NVQualifying
14-Apr3:00 PMKenneth FrehnerLas Vegas, NVQualifying
14-Apr3:00 PMMaverick WoodsBunkerville, NVQualifying
14-Apr3:00 PMBennett BrandonOverton, NVQualifying
14-Apr3:00 PMLevi EideLogandale, NVQualifying
14-Apr3:00 PMTaytum SkeenOverton, NVQualifying
14-Apr3:00 PMKenley BransonLas Vegas, NVQualifying
14-Apr3:00 PMRhett PeacockLogandale, NVQualifying
14-Apr3:00 PMAngus CurtisLas Vegas, NVQualifying
14-Apr3:00 PMAxl CurtisLas Vegas, NVQualifying
14-Apr3:00 PMHouston LogueBunkerville, NVQualifying
14-Apr3:00 PMWaden WrightHenderson, NVQualifying
14-Apr3:00 PMKase WaldroupLogandale, NVQualifying
14-Apr3:00 PMMaverick WoodsBunkerville, NVChampionship
14-Apr5:00 PMRiver MullinerAlamo, NVChampionship
14-Apr5:00 PMKenley BransonLas Vegas, NVChampionship
14-Apr5:00 PMRicky OttoLas Vegas, NVChampionship
14-Apr5:00 PMMemphis AdamsLogandale, NVChampionship
14-Apr5:00 PMTinley WaiteLogandale, NVChampionship
14-Apr5:00 PMAxl CurtisLas Vegas, NVChampionship
14-Apr5:00 PM*Adalynn Fikri*Boulder City, NVChampionship

Friday Champion:

Adalynn Fikri

Mutton Bustin Saturday Schedule

15-Apr1:00 PMBeau SkeenOverton, NVQualifying
15-Apr1:00 PMLevi SkeenOverton, NVQualifying
15-Apr1:00 PMLily KelleyLas Vegas, NVQualifying
15-Apr1:00 PMGarrett CulbertsonLas Vegas, NVQualifying
15-Apr1:00 PMEmmylou DenmanBoulder City, NVQualifying
15-Apr1:00 PMEmmett KenyonPahrump, NVQualifying
15-Apr1:00 PMGranger StrattonNew Harmony, UTQualifying
15-Apr1:00 PMRhett ReberLas Vegas, NVQualifying
15-Apr1:00 PMBlakely RobertsonOverton, NVQualifying
15-Apr1:00 PMJonathan ChandlerMesquite, NVQualifying
15-Apr1:00 PMFallon ShannonLas Vegas, NVQualifying
15-Apr1:00 PMColt MunfordOverton, NVQualifying
15-Apr1:00 PMEvolet CalvilloLas Vegas, NVQualifying
15-Apr1:00 PMKailo TuiakiLogandale, NVQualifying
15-Apr1:00 PMBirdie TuiakiLogandale, NVQualifying
15-Apr3:00 PMSarah JimenezMoapa, NVQualifying
15-Apr3:00 PMElise MarquisLas Vegas, NVQualifying
15-Apr3:00 PMSaylor WilkinsonBoulder City, NVQualifying
15-Apr3:00 PMZerrick RichterLas Vegas, NVQualifying
15-Apr3:00 PMReeann ZolczerLas Vegas, NVQualifying
15-Apr3:00 PMSebastian PerezLas Vegas, NVQualifying
15-Apr3:00 PMMatilda BensonLas Vegas, NVQualifying
15-Apr3:00 PMMatthew McCannLas Vegas, NVQualifying
15-Apr3:00 PMBraxton MorrowMesquite, NVQualifying
15-Apr3:00 PMRylynn GirtenHenderson, NVQualifying
15-Apr3:00 PMChristopher BennettOverton, NVQualifying
15-Apr3:00 PMReece LoomisLas Vegas, NVQualifying
15-Apr3:00 PMScarlett RothmanHenderson, NVQualifying
15-Apr3:00 PMGracie RothmanHenderson, NVQualifying
15-Apr3:00 PMAlina MarquisLas Vegas, NVQualifying
15-Apr5:00 PMBeau SkeenOverton, NVChampionship
15-Apr5:00 PMElise MarquisLas Vegas, NVChampionship
15-Apr5:00 PMEvolet CalvilloLas Vegas, NVChampionship
15-Apr5:00 PMGarrett CulbertsonLas Vegas, NVChampionship
15-Apr5:00 PMZerrick RichterLas Vegas, NVChampionship
15-Apr5:00 PMGracie RothmanHenderson, NVChampionship

Saturday Champion:

Mutton Bustin Sunday Schedule

16-Apr1:00 PMJovany LaraLas Vegas, NVQualifying
16-Apr1:00 PMInna ParraN Las Vegas, NVQualifying
16-Apr1:00 PMPaisley FinleyOverton, NVQualifying
16-Apr1:00 PMJohnny HollandN Las Vegas, NVQualifying
16-Apr1:00 PMAugustus FinleyOverton, NVQualifying
16-Apr1:00 PMMaverick SexauerLas Vegas, NVQualifying
16-Apr1:00 PMRyker Hix-FoellHenderson, NVQualifying
16-Apr1:00 PMAmelia GehlHenderson, NVQualifying
16-Apr1:00 PMJasper HafenHenderson, NVQualifying
16-Apr1:00 PMJetson HafenHenderson, NVQualifying
16-Apr1:00 PMReese MountzLas Vegas, NVQualifying
16-Apr1:00 PMCarlee PulsipherMoapa, NVQualifying
16-Apr1:00 PMTitus YoungLas Vegas, NVQualifying
16-Apr1:00 PMRonan PetersLas Vegas, NVQualifying
16-Apr1:00 PMKyrin HaleN Las Vegas, NVQualifying
16-Apr3:00 PMKaesen BrightHenderson, NVQualifying
16-Apr3:00 PMColt RicenbawN Las Vegas, NVQualifying
16-Apr3:00 PMLoretta BrooksHenderson, NVQualifying
16-Apr3:00 PMNadia LopezLogandale, NVQualifying
16-Apr3:00 PMRyder CookLas Vegas, NVQualifying
16-Apr3:00 PMHarrison PowersLas Vegas, NVQualifying
16-Apr3:00 PMColton PowersLas Vegas, NVQualifying
16-Apr3:00 PMArianna BergN Las Vegas, NVQualifying
16-Apr3:00 PMBlake BergN Las Vegas, NVQualifying
16-Apr3:00 PMEaston SchwartzLas Vegas, NVQualifying
16-Apr3:00 PMRyker StewartLas Vegas, NVQualifying
16-Apr3:00 PMHazel HaguewoodLas Vegas, NVQualifying
16-Apr3:00 PMCruz HaguewoodLas Vegas, NVQualifying
16-Apr3:00 PMBrenlee StewartLas Vegas, NVQualifying
16-Apr3:00 PMTJ GriggKingman, AZQualifying
16-Apr3:00 PMKase WaldroupLogandale, NVQualifying
16-Apr5:00 PMJasper HafenHenderson, NVChampionship
16-Apr5:00 PMCruz HaguewoodLas Vegas, NVChampionship
16-Apr5:00 PM*Kase Waldroup*Logandale, NVChampionship

Sunday Champion:

Kase Waldroup